Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★½

Tarantino Challenge (His Work and The Work That Inspired It)

Before I rewatched this I would have said this was my least favorite Tarantino because out of all of his work it has the most pacing issues, especially towards the end. Again this is not saying much. However on this viewing I was emotionally captivated and won over completely. When the second verse of Jim Croce’s I Got A Name played over our two protagonists riding into the beautiful western landscape my eyes started watering. The fantastic characters, the natural energy to all the wonderfully set up sequences, and the way in which the editing, shot composition and the soundtrack paint the final experience is truly special.

I’ve never been sold on DiCaprio as a great actor, he’s fine but he’s never came across as one of the best as he’s often made out to be. His portrayal as Calvin Candie on the other hand is brilliant - honestly his best performance in my opinion. I love Franco Nero’s cute little cameo. Christoph Waltz has incredible range - he easily goes from one of the most loathsome characters in Tarantino’s previous film to one of the most likable here. Jamie Foxx is cool, confident, and instantly iconic as an almost folk hero like figure. It makes sense Tarantino put him in a cross over comic with Zorro of all things. In a nutshell every piece of this works, I’m thinking I like it better than both Reservoir Dogs and Inglourious Basterds at this point.

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