The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★★

This is cliche as all hell, stupid, and is nostalgia pandering to the max...and I loved every minute of it. So many great little sequences. Brutal but still sort of fun. A nice cleanser after watching a drab horror drama. I watched the Unrated cut, so I imagine it added to the Brutality a bit.

Other people have already said this, but that pool sequence is fantastic. Like I said, it’s pandering to nostalgia pretty hard but I don’t works. You get the feeling the killers here love 80’s slasher films and are sick enough people to actually act them out. I’m gonna be blunt here...I’m a huge perve for Christina Hendricks—she’s as lovely as always. How has she never done a nude scene yet?

Everyone in this is solid. There’s some really effective deaths and they work as well as genuine emotional moments that don’t feel cheap. It walks a fine line balancing both the fun of gory kills in a slasher film as well as making them horrific in an empathetic way. I don’t get the negativity for this one. I think it’s an improvement over the original which was always a pretty average home invasion film.

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