Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★

Leading up to the release of the film I’ve noticed a strange impulse in some people to be the first to jump up and declare the film “still bad”. To trash the final piece and malign the fans who supported its re-creation. I’ve never been one of these fans only slowly over time growing more interested in Snyder’s work but never completely sold on it. Still I can’t comprehend the desire to pick apart someone’s art and treat the release of their vision finally seeing the light of day as a win for the “wrong people”. Still we see this insistence that Snyder’s films are murky and dark which has always baffled me as it’s clear if you have any understanding of visual language that his eye is neither drawn towards color and saturation or desaturation for the sake of itself. If anything his work is more colorful than many modern blockbusters which rely either on television style cinematography with grey, lifeless, and flat imagery or clashing color collages like that of a desktop background in a way making the color inauthentically vivid. There’s never this feeling the look of these large scale films are particular or carefully decided other than what a focus group would deem appealing.

Snyder’s eye is particular in that it’s selective, each image breaths and the colors when used pop in contrast to what surrounds them. From the aspect ratio to the potential choice to create a black & white version, it’s clear he’s thinking about how you’re going to retain what you’re seeing. It’s also quite sad that a film dedicated to his late daughter Autumn that has a central theme of grief and overcoming that pain given all the time and indulgence to burst his heart out onto the screen is being side eyed as some fanboy driven mess from a “false auteur” who they believe shouldn’t be given a shred of respect. It’s ironic for how cold he’s portrayed that this would be his warmest film. Cyborg and his father are what holds that theme and feeling of warmth together and it’s fitting that in a digital age where art can be produced, deconstructed, and then reproduced into something new that a character with those specific abilities and backstory would keep the heart of the film beating. He really did it and I’m happy for him.

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