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I can only see what's in front, not what's behind. So I can only know half of the truth, right?

This is truly a cinematic masterpiece. It starts really slow but soon enough you start seeing how things connect with each other and every scene is important and every detail matters and before you can't notice it it hits you like a truck and you're crying at little subtle moments all over the film. It's like a long book with perfect closure.

This movie embodies everything about life, death, its cycles, relationships, perspectives, the human condition. Not only the writing is beautiful and pretty much all of it is quotable (specially the existential dialogues) but the simple cinematography is absolutely mindblowing. A type of movie that shows a window to pure and raw life.

I will keep thinking about this movie for a while and how its simplicity struck my deep core and made me more aware of other people's perspectives and more aware of the power of cinema.

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