Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

After watching this movie for the first time, i was somewhat confused, and a bit disappointed. I liked it enough, but i didn't feel that it was as good as i had heard from others. But i did have a feeling that it was going to be a movie that i would grow very comfortable with as my life went on. I'm happy to say that after my second viewing, not only did all disappointment go away, but my feeling that i was going to love this movie more as time went on seems to be true.

It's the type of movie that i would want to watch as i fall asleep after a hard day, or on a thoughtful, rainy day with my friends.

it's nearly a formally perfect film, but it is not all polish and no substance by any means (as iv'e heard some of the other Coen Brothers films get called) It is also a cautionary tale of how we treat other people, and, at least for me, it might have something to say (or, more accurately, SHOW) about the wonderful power of music, which as an aspiring musician, i think is a nice thing to show.

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