Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★½

This movie is divine. A poetic portrait of femininity and love, with such an amazing cast. The simplistic directing makes it so delicate and intimate. You get to enter into two women’s intimacy and that’s priceless. I don’t remember any movie dealing with just three powerful feminine characters. 

Abortion, homosexuality, femininity are such important topics which aren’t enough represented in movies and Sciamma broaches them in the most beautiful way. 

Each shot is so well composed and framed... it’s mesmerizing. This movie could be a poem, everything is so enrapturing, even the title. 

Thank you Sciamma for this ode to women. Thank you for making such a pure, deep and sincere love story between two women. It’s not a story about a homosexual relationship, it’s a story about love, life and art. And can we talk about that last shot? It moved me so deeply, I just couldn’t stop crying. It really contributed to give the movie a particular strength.

And as Mister Xavier Dolan said to me on Instagram: “Vive les femmes, leur esprit affranchi et leur force de cœur dans le travail.” 
(Long live women, their freed spirit and their strength of heart at work.)