Favorite films

  • Time and Tide
  • Police, Adjective
  • The Kid Brother
  • Blonde Crazy

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  • The Boxer from Shantung

  • Five Element Ninjas

  • Duel to the Death

  • Raining in the Mountain

Recent reviews

  • The Boxer from Shantung

    The Boxer from Shantung

    A simple rags to riches story turned into pure spectacle. The final 15 minutes are so brutal, so cool, so brilliant, so epic.

    That final tea house brawl holy fucking shit man, it's seriously one of the greatest things ever in all of cinema. You have to see it to believe it. Total perfection.

  • Five Element Ninjas

    Five Element Ninjas

    One dude stumbles over his own disemboweled intestines which gives the evil ninja the chance to kill him..

Popular reviews

  • Fat City

    Fat City

    Pure, raw desperation and utter hopelessness. A brilliantly sad and miserable film but also so full of life. The world here is wonderfully lived in and the characters are great. Huston's direction is superb, it flows with such natural rhythm. Hall's photography is very good and the film makes such an excellent use of its location. Keach, Tyrrell, Bridges are all terrific. The ending is so quietly heartbreaking. All around a very honest and sincere filmmaking. A truly beautiful piece of work.

  • A Night at the Opera

    A Night at the Opera

    Not enough hard-boiled eggs. Comfortably my favourite Marx Brothers film so far. This was thoroughly entertaining. Very well written, most of the gags are terrific, Groucho at his best, there's some great wordplay and one-liners, even Harpo isn't annoying in this one. Surprisingly this was also quite plot oriented and that plot is frankly dull which does kill little bit of momentum but nothing too distracting. Overall this was just really very funny with some brilliant gags, the contract negotiations and the cabin scenes in particular are all timer.