Favorite films

  • Rio, Zona Norte
  • Last Days of the Victim
  • Hail! Mafia
  • The Last Run

Recent activity

  • The Red Lanterns

  • Bog of Beasts

  • Sandata at Pangako

  • Shimanto River

Recent reviews

  • The Red Lanterns

    The Red Lanterns

    Not bad but definitely was quite underwhelming. Felt like a missed opportunity. Overall the character work is alright, the sadness of the situation and the lives is well conveyed but familiarity of the individual stories sorta made everything merge together where nothing quite stood out; it just goes on without making you truly care for its character and it also feels little stagey at times so there not much room for atmosphere to hide the flaws. There's a little subplot…

  • Bog of Beasts

    Bog of Beasts

    Rural Brazil a shithole where poverty has morally corrupted its people. The word love is mentioned in the synopsis but there's no love here; it's a portrait of how rotten, disgusting and fucked up the world is. Little unfocused with its character work and narrative but it succeeds with its pure and unflinching rawness.

Popular reviews

  • Decision to Leave

    Decision to Leave



    Regretted my decision to watch this. Just nonsensical, hollow with zero sexual tension and emotional potency of a third grade K-Drama. Very very bad.

  • The Hand

    The Hand



    Horny and sad. Just the way I like it..