• Three


    Johnnie To doesn't miss. The attention to detail in this one is phenomenal, the way the camera is constantly moving and picking up every little thing is absolutely brilliant and it just keeps buliding tension and the release of that tension in the final 20 minutes with that insane shootout, that was peak To. A minor To for sure, not everything lands but still great fun and worth watching for those final 20 minutes alone.

  • The Sea Wolf

    The Sea Wolf

    Really really great. A quite grim, gritty, brutal and ugly picture with some anti-fascist allegory. Eddie G. is absolutely brilliant, real good supporting players, Curtiz's direction is terrific, the atmosphere is wonderful and it's beautifully shot. Opening 30 minutes are particularly brilliant. A gem of a film.

  • Johnny O'Clock

    Johnny O'Clock

    My man's name is really Johnny O'Clock lmao they even kept saying how funny it was which I quite liked. Other than the goofy name/title this is a decent seedy, hard-boiled noir with fair bit of darkness with main character basically being anti-hero. There's some nice snappy dialogue, characterization is probably its strongest aspect and Dick Powell and Lee J. Cobb turn in very good performances. It's little on the convoluted side and lacks the necessary excitement but overall it's a solid debut picture from Rossen.

  • The Prisoner of Shark Island

    The Prisoner of Shark Island

    Extremely strong in the early parts but overall just very good. Historically though perhaps a little inaccurate but still a quite fascinating story and Ford kept it interesting throughout. Warren Baxter is very good, Ford's direction is terrific, there's some truly great sequences and the film looks stunning. A minor Ford but I liked it a lot.

  • Sadie Thompson

    Sadie Thompson

    Another Walsh gem. This was thought to be lost for years after a print was discovered by Swanson's estate after her death in 1983 but it's not complete as the final reel was damaged by that time. Still this is very very good. Gets grim and miserable quickly. Gloria Swanson is absolutely brilliant. Barrymore too is great as religious zealot, someone you just have to hate. Typical for a Walsh picture, loved the intensity here especially with tensions regularly rising.…

  • Queen Kelly

    Queen Kelly

    Could've been major if it was left untouched , still very very good even in this state and has some excellent sequences.

  • Fat City

    Fat City

    Pure, raw desperation and utter hopelessness. A brilliantly sad and miserable film but also so full of life. The world here is wonderfully lived in and the characters are great. Huston's direction is superb, it flows with such natural rhythm. Hall's photography is very good and the film makes such an excellent use of its location. Keach, Tyrrell, Bridges are all terrific. The ending is so quietly heartbreaking. All around a very honest and sincere filmmaking. A truly beautiful piece of work.

  • A Night at the Opera

    A Night at the Opera

    Not enough hard-boiled eggs. Comfortably my favourite Marx Brothers film so far. This was thoroughly entertaining. Very well written, most of the gags are terrific, Groucho at his best, there's some great wordplay and one-liners, even Harpo isn't annoying in this one. Surprisingly this was also quite plot oriented and that plot is frankly dull which does kill little bit of momentum but nothing too distracting. Overall this was just really very funny with some brilliant gags, the contract negotiations and the cabin scenes in particular are all timer.

  • Animal Crackers

    Animal Crackers

    Like their other ones I've seen, only Groucho and Chico stuffs were nice for me. Wordplay in general was good as well. Rest of it was not good but at least overall better than Monkey Business.

  • Way Out West

    Way Out West

    Some solid gags but gets bit repetitive, would've worked better as a short. Still a decent enough watch.

  • Block-Heads


    Better than Sons of the Desert. Not everything works but mostly good fun with some genuinely funny gags..

  • Goodbye South, Goodbye

    Goodbye South, Goodbye

    Unfortunately still didn't fully work for me but this time things were lot better in the second hour, it almost clicked. Atmosphere and mood of course still remains wonderfully enchanting, Hou's relaxed rhythm is lovely and the music is banging. Hopefully this will fully click next time.