• Butterfly


    Gently moves towards a harsh and heartbreaking conclusion. Really really solid.

  • Modest Reception

    Modest Reception

    Baffling, not ultimately satisfying but extremely fascinating. Possibly an absurdist take on class criticism, far too cryptic for its own good but kinda like it.

  • Melbourne


    Just what Iranians do. Keeping things simple and making it morally ambiguous , complicated and highly compelling. Really solid stuff.

  • Son-Mother


    Everyday Iranian tragedy. Heartbreaking.

  • Here Without Me

    Here Without Me

    Light at the end of the tunnel or is it just an illusion?

  • Hustle


    Bleak, sleazy and brutal. The good stuff.

  • Smile


    Pure Americana. Second good satire of pageantry I see this month. Both all so different yet both so extremely effective.

  • Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins

    Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins

    Just some good honest vibes..

  • The Lady in Red

    The Lady in Red

    A pre-code picture in the 70s. Covers all the essentials of that era just with more boobs and blood. The good stuff.

  • The Dion Brothers

    The Dion Brothers

    Here's a 20, go change your name.

    Just perfect oddball energy, constantly moving towards the inevitable, so many great one liners and just in general great dialogue, Keach and Forrest both great, can't believe Terrence Malick wrote this. The finale, the shootout inside a building which is being demolished by a wrecking ball is an all timer, it's extraordinarily staged. The highs are pretty high. Shame about the TV rip it's available in currently.

  • Road Movie

    Road Movie

    Life on road. A look at the seedy underbelly of working class grind. A grimy, gritty, bleak slice of Americana.

  • Slither


    Kinda film they could have only made in 70s. The absurd, wacky charm, aimless, carefree vibes, nothing important happens but its bizarreness is fun and there's some fun characters and gags. Pretty nice time.