Death Proof ★★★½

Re-watching every film I own, film #16:-

Only the second time I've watched this because I seem to remember not enjoying it on a first watch. After this time around I'm really not sure why. Yes, it is not Tarantino's best, but it's still damn good.

Plus muscle cars, tough women and a fitting soundtrack, seriously, why did I not like this at first? The cars used in it were enough to keep me thoroughly engaged but it was also shot well. I love the use of film that they scratched post-filming to give it the gritty look. The colours popped but then I liked the mix of black and white thrown in too.

Like several of Tarantino's other films, even a scene where essentially the characters are just talking held its own and kept you interested as it was well written.

Kurt Russell played the creepy, maniac with a cool car well and I liked how quickly the character's mood switched.

If we're talking the best scene it simply had to be the lengthy, very impressive car scene at the end, but I loved it all. One day I'll rank all the Tarantino films, maybe when I'm done re-watching them all!

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