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Week 22: February 17th-23rd
Oscars Week
This week's challenge is to watch a previously unseen film nominated for the Best Picture award at the 2019 Oscars

It took me long enough to see this. I'm fascinated by how much Yorgos Lanthimos manages to nail any genre he turns his attention to. I hadn't imagined how a period piece with him at the helm would look. Curiously, the answer is it's a Lanthimos film that just happens to be sat a very long time ago. That shouldn't devalue the production design and costumes though, they're both outstanding. Some of the coats Rachel Weisz gets for example, wow!

I really liked this. While it'll be regarded as Lanthimos' most accessible film, it's still got his stamp all over it. I like that it's different to any other piece set in this period and the absolute powerhouse cast he assembled is a treat. I understand why Olivia Colman is getting the awards but Weisz and Emma Stone are brilliant and it's very much a formidable trio. I loved their interactions and the way they outpaced almost every man.

The level of humour surprised me. I may not have been laughing out loud but there were lots of great moments and lines. The cinematography and score would possibly anger some but neither bothered me. I actually enjoyed the style it was shot in and the squeaky violin (I'm probably wrong here on the instrument) noises were manageable.

Side note: 'Who did your make-up, you look like a badger' may be one of my favourite lines of the year

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