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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Check out my review on the “Uranus Awards” website:
    Black Panther Review

  • Marjorie Prime

    Marjorie Prime


    A bleak adaptation of a fascinating play. The acting performances try but ultimately can't warm up this frigid flick. Lois Smith is a gem, see it for her, but the non-sensical camera work makes this look like the lamest Lifetime movie ever. It takes away from the lovely performances from some veteran actors.

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  • Zootopia



    Leave it to a cartoon to accurately and sensitively address racism, sexism, stereotyping, and class status. Well done, Disney.

    I hope that they continue the adventures of Judy and Nick in future movies and that they continue to bring to timely issues to the surface in such a classy way!

    Awesome movie

  • Hook



    The perfect movie to describe my entire childhood.
    1-My lifelong respect and adoration for Robin Williams came from watching this movie.
    2-Peter Pan has ALWAYS been my favorite story when I *WASN'T* growing up, and then you make it live action and add Rufio, I'm IN!
    3-Steven Spielberg.
    4-I would come home from school everyday and have the VHS already tuned to the part where the lost boys were getting their battle armor on. I would watch from there to…