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  • The Rules of the Game

    The Rules of the Game

    FSDO2017 - French Poetic Realism

    Rarely I feel less for a film.

    I appreciate all the stuff that's going on, and the effortlessness of presenting such a complex plot and the variety of characters etc, but still I couldn't bring myself to care about... well, any of it. Nether characters, nor the story, nor the directing. Even though I really tried to appreciate it.

    The two things I was able to appreciate were:
    - Staging (very interesting, with dynamic foreground…

  • Pride



    I started watching this film while making pancakes as a "light" viewing, and my hopes were to cheer myself up and get somewhat entertained.

    But I really enjoyed the dignity with which the themes of the movie are dealt with, the compelling characters (who you don't have to stare at to be able to feel something for them, if you know what I mean) and, most importantly - the spirit of unity, which transcends all agendas.

    It has the classically…

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  • Ninotchka



    FSDO2017 - Screw Ball Comedy

    I was not familiar with the genre - and, being a foreigner, I used to think that screw ball has something to do with balls and therefore referred to a very low, puke-and-fart genre of comedy, so I had mixed feelings going into this film.

    Some time ago I was discussing with my friend how much the world has changed since the Great War. She said that, going into the war, upon having to declare…

  • Lion



    This is how I feel, think and perceive life.

    I understood every emotion, every feeling and touch, everything. The film made me shiver, worry, cry, miss somebody, remember my own childhood, contemplate, love, be terrified, I remembered my village grandma's house and my late nights studying for exams and feelings that I don't even have visual memories for.

    (they should really change the poster - I almost didn't go to see it)