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  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    I thought i was witnessing a new era of action movies where the bad guys actually win and I had the perfect line to write here and it goes like “wow, a plot twist I didn’t expect” .. nice ha!
    but guy ritchie ruined it for me ☹️, I’m only forgiving him because he let my babe jason statham live.

  • The Guest

    The Guest


    فيلم مدلوق عليه ابراهيم عيسي حرفيا 
    وبعدين مادام الشخصية الرئيسية شخصية ابراهيمعيسياوية اوي كدة ما كان طلع هو قام بالدور وخلصنا عشان حاسة ان خالد الصاوي كان بيعاني سيكا 

    مشكلتي بقي مع الفيلم ان ابراهيم عيسي كان عايز يعرض اراءه من غير ما حد يعارضه او حد يعارضه عادي بس يكون حرفيا جاهل مش عارف هو بيعترض ليه عشان يخيل للمشاهد الغلبان ان اراء ابراهيم عيسي منطقية او بمعني اخر هي الأصح
    بعدين هو ايه "انا مش طايقة حمل الحرية اللي…

  • Run



    When you’re being quarantined with your family for a long time you start to ..... run goddamit run run ruuun!!

    When the acting is real good mixed with a great directing skills and perfect cinematography but filled with predictable bad plot, you end up with this enjoyable 90 mins.

  • Paranormal



    Paranormal is Egypt’s first netflix original series ( yaaaaaaay for that 💃🏻), it’s based on dr. ahmed khaled tawfeek (may he RIP) novel sequence which is called yes you guessed it right paranormal.
    The series is definitely worth watching, it’s well shot and the plot is quite interesting made me eager for a second season. 

    بعد ما كتبنا بالأنجليزي وحاولنا نقنع الأجانب يتفرجوا علي المسلسل نتكلم عن المسلسل بقي بكل اريحية بلغتنا الأم
    اولا احب اقول  انا اد ايه فخورة…

  • Extra Footage

    Extra Footage


    It was very nicely put together with the beautiful music and camera angles..gameel gedan 

    I love your soul ya retham ❤️

  • Enola Holmes

    Enola Holmes


    I just need a moment to appreciate how beautiful Millie brown is ❤️.

    I was very excited about this one but mehh, it’s a feelgood movie with a high profile cast and a predictable plot, nothing fancy, nothing wow about it as a movie..buut as a series It will be definitely worth watching.

  • عقلي



    It’s very poetic fe3lan and I loved the music so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • Heaven Without People

    Heaven Without People


    Not bad, it kinda reminded me of asghar farhadi’s directing style But I felt they were exaggerating in some scenes which I didn’t appreciate at all.
    Like the last part in the movie who the hell brings a rifle gun to a family gathering while his two kids are there !, And the kid who got naked infront of the whole family just to prove his point .. I mean wtf !!!
    Anyway I think we need an Egyptian version of this movie.

  • The Blue Elephant Part 2

    The Blue Elephant Part 2


    هند صبري جميلة بس مش لايق عليها الدور 😊 
     هو للأسف الكاستينج في الجزء ده كان ضعيف
    و مروان حامد واحمد مراد بيقدموا حاجة جديدة للسينما المصرية، حاجة نضيفة بس هي اه فيها عيوب ومش صغيرة كمان لكن احسن من معظم العبث اللي بنشوفه اليومين دول

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    ازاي ترعب نفسك في خطوتين بس
    ١- اقفل الانوار كلها
    ٢- اتفرج عالفيلم قبل ما تنام
    احلام مرعبة سعيدة 😊

  • Noura's Dream

    Noura's Dream


    الفيلم جميل، قصة الفيلم مش جديدة بس التمثيل تلقائي جدا وطبيعي مش مفتعل خلاني اتعاطف جدا مع نورا.. وبصراحة بقي هند صبري شاطرة وتستحق الجوايز دي

  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

    The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


    I’m in love with wes anderson's style and his aesthetic vision, his films have this tragicomedy vibes and his characters are always growing emotionally which is really shown in this film but the film just lack something, maybe a good script ?! 🤷🏻‍♀️