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  • The Goonies

    The Goonies


    My Year By Year Checklist #49 of 98

    A classic adventure, The Goonies is a fun look at the rag tag group of kids getting up to mischief and stumbling across an Indiana Jones style Temple Of Doom while being chased down by some fugitives. Young stars in Josh Brolin, Sean Astin and Corey Feldman put in fine performances, and the overall tone, while being a tad creepy and scary for youngsters, is still joyous an humorous. Check it out.

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  • The Shallows

    The Shallows


    Unsuccessful cheesiness, I went into The Shallows not really expecting much. Watching the trailer when that first came out, I actually started laughing it looked that bad. So when it was my wife's turn to choose a movie and selects this, I only hope that it can be entertaining at least.

    Well, it was, but not enough. The movie starts off a tad slow, but gradually moves into the reason why we all watched this. From there, the tension is…

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  • Interstellar



    One of the most visually mesmerising movies I've ever seen. A multi layered story that will have you paying extra attention (And maybe even a re watch or two) with a great view on humanity, civilisation, adaptation, family and love. Christopher Nolan still showing the world how to make movies, and how to make them right.

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  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    Gripping, intense and utterly amazing, Children Of Men is one of those films that makes you understand why you watch so many average films to get to these gems. The story of the dystonia future where infertility had plagued the human race, and the race against time to transport a miracle pregnant woman to safety in the midst of a war torn England, this is storytelling at it's finest.

    Bleak, upsetting, drab, diminishing. Beautiful.

    I honestly thought Mommy would remain atop the June rankings, but I am plesently suprised. Yet another strong contender for 5 stars on a rewatch.

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