Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

2020, Ranked
February 2021, Ranked

Really great dark comedy. I had some issues with it but overall it’s really good. The protagonist reminds me a lot of teachers at my own school and that dynamic of the plot is very well thought out and written. Mads Mikkelsen is amazing too, and sort of carried the script. That’s not to say that his co-stars weren’t good though. A lot of the dialogue felt sort of clunky at times but it gets saved by implications and body language, which overall round out into a realistic and relevant portrayal. The character development throughout is really great and feels like something fresh, although I can’t say that I really clicked with the pacing. This feels like the movie that 2020 deserves, a good analogy of what’s going on in the world while at the same time having no connection to the pandemic or politics. Thomas Vinterberg’s subtle emphasis on the alcohol itself is remarkably well done, especially thanks to the great sound design. The ending is awe-inspiring and it cuts to black on a perfect note. This film presents a fantastic concept and pairs it with great acting and cinematography to pull together an interesting tale about a mid-life crisis budding on existentialism, with an immoral dilemma and a muddled message perfect for a 2020 black comedy. 

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