• Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island


    Unironically not nearly as bad as I expected. I had a really great time throughout and while I wouldn't say I was invested in the characters the plot definitely managed to captivate me until the climax, which was pretty stupid. The ending was sweet though somehow. So overall a lot of terrible dialogue, acting, and really bland direction, but a really great time.


  • Dune


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  • The Card Counter

    The Card Counter


    Had no idea this movie had anything to do with Abu Ghraib, and now I really wish Paul Schrader had made a movie directly about Abu Ghraib rather than this. Oscar Isaac was good but the rest of the performances weren't great, even Willem Dafoe, and the dialogue and pacing really didn't do them any favors. The direction was decent at times but a lot of it felt kind of stale. I expected this to be an upbeat thriller, and…

  • Candyman



    I loved this so much. Easily the most captivating movies I've seen in a very long time. The performances and scares were some of the best in any horror movie I've seen, and this is the best way possible way to do a reboot/sequel in my mind. Perfectly blends homage and follow-up to the original with super original and unique new stuff. The way it continues the story while carrying on a new legacy is amazing. The…

  • Prisoners of the Ghostland

    Prisoners of the Ghostland


    Had no idea what was going on half the time but it had some cool artistic choices, as well as some that didn't land well at all. Nicolas Cage was fun to see but unfortunately I thought a lot of the humor felt out of place and really annoying. It has a shit-ton of problems stylistically and especially script-wise, but I still enjoyed every scene that didn't involve the Governor.


  • The Guilty

    The Guilty


    So glad I stumbled upon a way to watch this early, because it was pretty great. Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing, and I think he may actually be my new favorite actor. The way Antoine Fuqua builds the suspense through the phone calls is super well done and obviously the sound design and editing is incredible. The climax was slightly underwhelming but it led to a fantastic final scene so overall rely great, unique film, definitely recommend it.


  • Stolen Kisses

    Stolen Kisses


    Not as good as the last two in the series but still pretty great. My one problem with this was that it felt more comedic than simplistically dramatic like the first two did. Truffaut's direction is still very good but I just prefer him with the different tone. Jean-Pierre Léaud is still really good and at this point you've really learned to get invested in his character while also managing to compress one big arc in his life into only 90 minutes. Not perfect, some more writing issues than before but still a worthwhile watch that got me somewhat excited to watch Bed and Board.


  • Malignant



    Such a fun movie. The plot was pretty stupid at times and some of the editing and camera work were terrible but it had good performances and a fantastic third act. The kills and gore are definitely James Wan's best since Saw, and the action scene in the precinct was incredible. Pretty shaky script and really predictable but overall super enjoyable, I could definitely see myself changing the rating sometime. Also the Where Is My Mind score was horrible. 


  • Kate



    So much fun. It had some huge pacing issues but they worked in the sense that it kept you captivated throughout and it felt really short. The soundtrack was fantastic and I really liked the overall tone and unique style of the movie, this would be cool for the Black Canary movie. The two leads are both pretty well-acted and likeable, and it does a decent job of investing you in their arcs. Some important scenes felt overwhelming too but overall pretty solid movie.


  • Cinderella



    Incredible. One of my favorite musicals and romances of all time. Some of the best singing numbers I’ve ever seen. So glad I watched this. Unironically so much fun. 


  • Loki



    Finally finished this during class today. The finale was definitely one of the better episodes, still not super interesting but fairly captivating compared to the previous episodes, and the performances and dialogue felt better here. I felt like one of the biggest problems of the show was that it wasn't investing at all and every reveal and plot line just felt really underwhelming. The score was decent but other than the wide shots the cinematography kind of sucked. The performances…

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    Robert De Niro is definitely one of my favorite actors now because holy shit he was unbelievably good in this. Some of Scorsese’s most simplistic but best direction I’ve seen so far, and such a well-paced and captivating story, so much better than I expected.