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  • Duel



    "Jaws on the road", except Spielberg made this one first.

    Clearly the blueprint for Jaws. A very solid thriller leaning on the great visual storytelling Spielberg masters. It lacks the dynamics, score and terrors that would make Jaws a classic but finishes nicely before it becomes too repetitive.

  • Inconceivable


    The next episode in 'The evolution of Nic Cage's hair'. Unfortunately not a lot of Cage in this one...

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  • Annihilation



    The Annihilation gene pool:

    25% Stalker
    25% Predator
    15% Prometheus/Alien: Covenant
    15% Avatar
    10% Random zombiefilm
    5% 2001
    5% Dog Soldiers (gore)

    I generally like ambiguity and endings that ask you to rethink or puzzle. Unfortunately this one doesn't really make me want to wonder or care that much. Looks just as gorgeous as it feels unbalanced.

  • Paddington



    Better and funnier than Ted, for sure.