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  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    According to Lynch, he left out clues in this eerie mystery. Instead he put in Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, a literal Vertigo quote, awkward sex scenes and Richard Pryor.

    Great stuff and some more insight in how the mind of David Lynch works but not his masterpiece.

  • Portrait of Jennie

    Portrait of Jennie


    A beautiful cloud formation and stormy weather conditions at sea account for the cinematic highlight towards the ending of Portrait of Jennie. It is the metaphorical barrier Joseph Cotten has to overcome to find and save his inspiration, the beautiful Jennie. He plays Eben Adams, an unsuccessful and poor but talented painter in New York. When he meets a beautiful young girl in old fashioned clothes in the park, he later draws a sketch from memory. This drawing of Jennie…

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  • Annihilation



    The Annihilation gene pool:

    25% Stalker
    25% Predator
    15% Prometheus/Alien: Covenant
    15% Avatar
    10% Random zombiefilm
    5% 2001
    5% Dog Soldiers (gore)

    I generally like ambiguity and endings that ask you to rethink or puzzle. Unfortunately this one doesn't really make me want to wonder or care that much. Looks just as gorgeous as it feels unbalanced.

  • Paddington



    Better and funnier than Ted, for sure.