Solaris ★★★★

Being a USSR production, made 'Solaris' not only a brilliant science-fiction film, but a political story above all. Mankind, suffocated by the capital world, seeks new (and dangerous) ways in another "planet". And with that, they face questions on morality, reason, creation, ethics, truth and the main one in this movie, the unknown.
In Part 1, it feels like a complicated thematic, but as getting involved with it, you realize it's actually a very simple idea: human's ability to build relationships, to have contact with their resembling. That's unkown to our characters, and even the main, who's a psychologist, supposed to know about everything about that subject, finds himself lost somewhere between his feelings.
Andrei used a lot of different filters/cameras in this and we could separate them in categories but I'm not diving in such aspect. Scenography here is on point and even the special effects seem decent for the production circumstances, I could connect it with 'Stalker' but in a really far view.
Shout-out to Natalya Bondarchuk who is SO GOOD in this film.