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  • Suicide Club

    Suicide Club


    Give it a few weeks and there'll be suicide clubs all over North America. In all seriousness, sorry zoomers.

    Creepy and forward thinking. Features arguably one of the best openings in the history of cinema, but doesn't quite fulfill the promise inherit in said opening. People in the early aughts and beyond had every reason to be skeptical of technology, i.e. the internet.

  • Howard



    You can now say there’s John Waters + Divine on Disney+. A whole eight seconds of Divine walking down the street in ‘Female Trouble’ because of the Ursula/‘Little Mermaid’ connection but still! They’re here and they’ll corrupt a whole new crop of gaybys.

    Can never get enough of that footage of Howard Ashman working, esp. him talking storytelling w/ the animation staff. Disney, as a company, no good very bad - except for all bts they would include on their clamshell tapes.

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Masterpiece. Paul Schrader has captured post-Trump malaise better than any film I’ve seen since the election, whether intentional or not. In the climate we find ourselves in the observant are often burdened by a toxic amount of uncertainty and anger. With this in mind Schrader asks, How is it we try and justify the notion of hope when you can’t ignore the chaos in front and ahead of us? Heavy but necessary.

  • Mulan


    So, yeah, the lead of the movie is all for Hong Kong cops busting heads for the status quo. I mean, there’s always the possibility this lady’s been coerced by Pooh Bear’s Chinese gov’t - “Just China Things”. Until that’s proven to be the case - it won’t - you might as well not see 'Mulan'. I kind of planned on giving this a shot up until now, tbh. Blow.