The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★½

Again, I have nothing remarkable to add to the conversation on this classic film. Pacino delivers an astounding performance as Michael Corleone and grounds the movie well. Watching him slowly devolve is an interesting character study, though admittedly it is not an enjoyable experience. Captivating is more accurate. The supporting cast has more to work with this time since we aren’t AS preoccupied with killing everybody off (It happens, but it feels very organic) and I really liked John Cazale as Fredo and Diane Keaton as Kay. However, Robert De Niro is truly the stand out from this film. He may have even done a better job than Brando did as Vito Corleone, which is incredibly impressive. I have never been a fan of De Niro but clearly I was watching the wrong movies because he is fantastic here. He commands the story whenever he pops up and I really adored the layers he was able to add to Vito.

Last thought, I loved the color palette and cinematography of this film. Gordon Willis embraced a lot of uniquely framed scenic shots and more artistic sensibilities than he did for the first movie. The shots of Little Italy in particular stand out as some of the best framed moments of the movie.

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