Havana Motor Club

Havana Motor Club ★★★½

Viewed as a preview to 2015 Dallas VideoFest.

No "gearhead" intelligence is needed as Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt's documentary lays out the dynamics of Cuban drag racing's quest for legitimacy well. Following two sets of car builders and the tireless efforts of car lovers around Cuba to establish a racing order that matters, "Havana Motor Club" is a solid documentary that both explains and fawns over its subjects and their metallic creations. Quickly framing the back story of why car racing became banned in Cuba in the late 50's- and highly ironic that a country dependent on revolution would ultimately delete a certain freedom it fought to supposedly champion- the film forwards to modern day Havana and the car nuts who tinker, toy and modify every inch of their vehicles to satisfy their need for speed. It lags a bit in the middle, but it ultimately becomes a fascinating and entertaining examination of male bravado and showmanship.

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