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  • Light Is Waiting

    Light Is Waiting



  • High Life

    High Life


    flaccid to the max, morally bankrupt, performances bad, veneers over every plausible theme; A24 is Disrupting Hollywood one velvety classic at a time ladies and gents ;)

  • Us



    Stank pretty to criticize this skimmy race horror when you know what he's capable of, but from 30 mins onward this was just so stale. Go watch SNL instead if you like that. way quicker

  • Transit



    This movie feels like the ghost you wanna be friends with when it's REEKING of human error outside and you think you're not involved. Hits the mark on neofascism, refugee crises, and, yeah, transience, in a way that makes you feel kind of helpless in describing the movie when someone asks. The setting is nuts beautiful, and the love story alone is almost enough. Plus Franz Rogowski's cleft lip is HOT as all hell. Awesome move to update Seghers' book to present day - glad to see Petzold holding it down big time. Transit's my pony in the race.