Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

Alcoholism speedrun 0.05%

I was impressed by how ambiguous the film is. It effectively balances showing the benefits and the drawbacks of drinking, both moderately and to excess. You're fully in control of your own conclusions of this, the film offers no answers.

I watched this in a group and it was interesting seeing the reactions. It equally funny and sad. By the end, some people find it to be uplifting, but I thought it was depressing.

Is the way we treat drinking as a society good? Are we just all depressed and it's what we need, or think we need? I liked Mads dancing at the end, but was alcohol needed for him to do that? What is being said by that? It's set in Denmark, but we have a similar drinking culture over here in Britain. It's given me a lot of thoughts, and I think I'll be thinking these thoughts for a while.

To miscontextualise my favourite artist, "I drank til I was sinking, and sank til I was thinking."

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