Mother ★★★★½

“Have you got parents?”

An absolutely heart breaking crime thriller that gets harder to watch as more information about the case becomes clear. Backed with beautiful cinematography, and a score that makes that aspect pop even more, Mother stays constantly engaging as it goes on, ESPECIALLY in the second half.

The relationship between the mother and her son, Yoon Do-joon, gets more and more intriguing throughout the films run. You really feel this progression (and destruction) of feelings the two share together. Juxtaposing this with Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (which I watched just last night) was interesting for me. Just the other night, I watch a mother and son duo that I absolutely love and wish the best for, and then I watch this and find this duo that I’m not sure I can really vouch for. I loved both, for the record, just for different reasons. I also loved Jin-tae, who shows himself to be somewhat of an anti-hero rather than some lousy punk. 

While I loved a lot about this film, I can’t see myself giving it more than a strong 8 to a light 9. While it’s absolutely fantastic, it’s subject matter is incredibly depressing, and I don’t see myself rewatching this anytime soon. For what it was though, it’s brilliant and I’d recommend at least one viewing of Mother, especially if you’re trying to get into more Korean films!

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