Suspiria ★★★★★

“Broken mirrors don’t bring bad luck, only broken minds”

God damn, this was an experience. I’ve never quite seen anything this vibrant and terrifying before. The audio/visual experience is immaculate, and the sets are insanely detailed. The lighting and the colors are so plentiful and explosive that they really give Suspiria that unique feel that others have praised about it.

The camera work is excellent too. There were many times I found myself engaged in a scene solely on how perfect some of the movement was. This film is extremely revolutionary in these aspects, and I already look forward to revisiting it sometime soon (especially since you’re supposed to watch the English dub even though the Italian one is fine?)

Anyways, this is a masterpiece that appeals to the average horror fan, and the film buff alike. There’s too much to love here to ignore, and I really think it has something for everyone.

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