The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

“Why’d you spill your beans, Tommie?”

On my initial viewing of The Lighthouse, I was very much caught off guard. What was this film? Did I enjoy it? I think I did, but I was so stunned after my theater experience, I was left with a headache, and some confusion on my thoughts overall.

Since then, I’ve thought about this film more than I was expecting to. I started thinking about the subtle nuances and the memorable scenes that go by so fast and tainted, it truly feels like a fever dream. I knew I needed to rewatch it, and once I was able to pick up a copy on Blu-ray this fine evening, I did just that.

This film is a masterpiece, there’s just no other way of saying it. Everything from the perfect cinematography, to the immaculate performances by Defoe and Pattinson, to the brilliant placement of each frame this film inhabits, it’s all golden. Everyone’s skill that was used to make this film has peaked here, and that’s more of an achievement than most filmmakers can honestly say. 

I think on this viewing, I noticed more of the deeper foreshadowing, which is handled fantastically. I noticed the more obvious instances on my first time around, but this time I felt more engaged in the earlier parts of the film. A second viewing really helped me analyze the characters even further, and gave me the same feeling that Tommie feels when he looked into the light (which is hands down the best scene in the entire film).

I also took a deeper love to the sound design here as well. In the scene I previously mentioned is where the crowning jewel moment of god tier sound design resides, but all throughout the film, fantastic sound design can be found. It just sounds so fucking good, and there’s nothing else I can really say without attempting to describe the sounds myself.

I feel comfortable enough to give this a 10. Out of pretty much everything that came out last decade, The Lighthouse is guaranteed to go down as a certified classic. There’s not one aspect of filmmaking here that’s done poorly, and on top of that, I love what’s going on here too. It’s rare when i find a film that made well, and caters to my tastes. The Lighthouse is a gem, and will go down in history as such. There’s not a doubt in my mind. It’s just that perfect.


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