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  • Taiwan Night Market

    Taiwan Night Market

    Woohoo this is great! Chris Marker by way of Lindsay Denniberg. Full of beautiful imagery and it’s structured in a way that keeps it visually stimulating. The soundscape is the real superstar here though, as it gives you a wonderful sense of place amidst this familiar-alien landscape.  Watch it here.

  • Computer Hearts

    Computer Hearts

    Whoah! Can you believe that it’s been three years since we finished filming Computer Hearts? To mark the occasion I would love to give away a bunch of free promo codes to download the film:

    Use the promo code THREE to get a free copy at this link!

Popular reviews

  • Upstream Color

    Upstream Color


    Shane Carruth's previous film, Primer, is a very clinical and cold film, yet nine years later he returns with Upstream Color, a film grounded in emotion and warmth. This is a film with a love story at its core, and like Primer, the science fiction elements are secondary to the exploration of the character's relationship. Since this film hasn't reached a wide release yet, I will spend the first paragraph addressing why one should see it, without spoilers, and then…

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    You know a movie is incredibly fucking terrifying when everyone in the theatre is dead silent. Nobody is on their cell-phone. You can't even hear the munching of popcorn. Finally it reaches a point where several audience members begin to break out in awkward laughter--not because something in the film is cheesy, funny, or stupid, it is because they have realized that a movie has made them reach the point of complete terror and they are laughing to let their…