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  • Computer Hearts

    Computer Hearts

    Just for kicks.

    This is offline now because we sell it on bluray and also don't want to compete with the vod distributors who have it right now, but since the movie sort of found its audience because of letterboxd... almost four years ago now... I wanted to make sure that anyone who accidentally found it on here nowadays has the chance to watch it for free.

    Eh, might as well turn this into a masterpost of all of our…

  • Haxx Deadroom: A Cyberpunkzz Story

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  • Upstream Color

    Upstream Color


    Shane Carruth's previous film, Primer, is a very clinical and cold film, yet nine years later he returns with Upstream Color, a film grounded in emotion and warmth. This is a film with a love story at its core, and like Primer, the science fiction elements are secondary to the exploration of the character's relationship. Since this film hasn't reached a wide release yet, I will spend the first paragraph addressing why one should see it, without spoilers, and then…

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    You know a movie is incredibly fucking terrifying when everyone in the theatre is dead silent. Nobody is on their cell-phone. You can't even hear the munching of popcorn. Finally it reaches a point where several audience members begin to break out in awkward laughter--not because something in the film is cheesy, funny, or stupid, it is because they have realized that a movie has made them reach the point of complete terror and they are laughing to let their…