Showgirls ★★★★★

If Showgirls is 100% self-aware satire then it is the greatest film ever made.

If Showgirls is completely sincere then it is the greatest worst movie ever made.

The misogyny on display in Verhoeven's magnum opus is farcical in its verbosity, which leads me to believe that the whole movie is some sort of satire of Vegas and the way that lifestyle objectifies women. Elizabeth Berkeley's dancing alone is so hilariously bad that it's hard to take the move seriously at all, but the fact that the stars of the film weren't in on the joke makes me wonder how this movie can possibly be the way it is. Showgirls raises more questions than answers, and my jaw was agape the entire film; there should also be something said about a movie which puts so many breasts up on screen that it eventually becomes weird for there not to be any breasts.

"It must be weird not having anybody cum on you."