Cruella ★★★★

When this movie was first announced I can’t say I was excited about it, I wasn’t on board with making an origin and/or redemption story for every villain in pop culture, especially the lady who’s known for being a puppy killer. MALEFICENT tried doing whatever they did and I wasn’t a big fan. Emma Stone being attached from the get-go was the only thing that had me somewhat optimistic. Then Emma Thompson nonchalantly telling one of her employees “Well, you’re fired.” in the trailer is what really sold me, that’s my kind of humor. This movie is basically a battle of the Emma’s and both are marvelous. 

I just love the overall vibes of the movie, for some reason I thought this would take place in like the 30s or something, but it was the 70s and I dig that. Really good soundtrack, I think they were like “We’re putting in every late 60s early 70s popular song we can afford and we’re Disney so we can afford them all.” Paul Walter Hauser and is chihuahua with the eye patch were my favorite part, I always love that dude, consistently funny throughout. Big fan of Joel Fry too. It’s surprisingly a very pro dog movie and I’d say one of the main messages is “There’s no bad dogs only bad owners”. There was a twist I didn’t entirely love because it was the most boring choice out of all the choices they could have possibly made there, but it is what it is. The costumes and make up are spectacular and the Academy might as well just give them the Oscars right now! As for the comparisons to JOKER, I understand where people are coming from I also think they’re completely moronic. I want a sequel, I need to see Emma Stone sink her teeth into this role again. 8.6/10.

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