Little Women

Little Women ★★★★

I didn’t know much about “Little Women” going into this, only that in that one episode of “Friends” Joey reads it and couldn’t comprehend that Jo was a girl and Laurie was a boy. This is a delightful movie! Filled with tons of heart. Even though I didn’t know the story, I kind of knew the story. Nothing that surprising happened. It was still a humorous and emotional journey to end up where I suspected it would. Beautifully directed and written for the screen by Greta Gerwig. Everyone in this all-star cast is great, especially Florence Pugh, who is becoming one of my favorite actresses. I really liked Timothee Chalamet too and I haven’t been a member of the Chalamet-HEM until now. I don’t know if I’d say it’s one of the year’s best like a lot of people are, but it’s a great film. 8.8/10.

Watched at AMC Apple Blossom 10 with SHANE and Justin who ditched me half way through, BASTARDS.

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