2012: Rated

The films that came out in 2012, that I saw, rated by how much awesome they were. There's a slightly questionably qualifying film - Blood technically comes out next year, but I SAW IT THIS YEAR AND I CAN DO WHAT I LIKE.

I didn't see Skyfall, Dark Knight or Hunger Games and... am not really that bothered by it. I've never seen a Bond film in the cinema, I lost interest in the Bat after the first Nolan film and... just wasn't interested in Hunger Games.

There are 6 science fiction films in this list.

  • The Avengers

    4.The Avengers


    When I saw Avengers back at the end of April, I honestly thought that it would be my film of the year and then the week after I did an iLL Manors/Red Tails double bill that was so emotionally draining and incredible and awesome it was like my whole worldview was smashed and rearrange. Nevertheless, Avengers was a great film - and achieved the difficult task of squishing so many awesome characters, who either have their own franchise or deserve one, into the single film. Ok, so the balance could have been better. There could have been more of it. Overall though, it was a good, coherent film.

  • Dredd



    AMAZING. The blood. The violence. The Dredd being totally Dredd. ANDERSON BEING COMPLETELY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. Ma-Ma being BADASS. The 3D in this film was good. I don't usually go to see 3D because the glasses are annoying over my regular glasses and for the most part it's pointless. In this film it really worked.

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  • Looper



    WIBBLEY WOBBLY TIMEY WIMEY. It doesn't matter that JGL never really looked like Bruce Willis or that they never really explained how time travel worked in that universe - these things were unnecessary. Investigating just what you might sacrifice to get what you want, the morality of those decisions, whether you could go too far and how far you might go to do the right thing? That's what it was all about and it just happened to be squished into the future. Great.

  • Doomsday Book

    11.Doomsday Book


  • Antiviral



    Less body horror for me and more interesting examination of the nature of celebrity.

  • John Carter

    20.John Carter


    Only slightly better than Anna Karenina because of Mars.