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  • The Blackcoat's Daughter

    The Blackcoat's Daughter


    a catholic school gets ready to embrace silence and emptiness as soon as the usual christmas holiday arrives, except that two girls end up forgotten by their parents and are left under supervision until their family arrives, but will they? in parallel, a young woman seems to be running from a haunting past that remains as a blank space, but that will gain colors throughout the movie. shortly, the non-linear story intertwines between a trio of women, and the only…

  • Joker



    there are many words that can describe the feeling of watching joker for the very first time, but after everything that happened within its 120 minutes, the only one i could come up with was wow. from the very first shot, we're unaware of what ride we just got ourselves in, but as the story unfolds, the promise that it's gonna be as mesmerizing as fascinating starts to come true right in front of our eyes, and it ends up…

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  • Bacurau



    bacurau é imprevisível
    bacurau é incrível
    bacurau é cativante
    bacurau é bonito
    bacurau é prazeroso
    bacurau é violento
    bacurau é chocante
    bacurau é único
    bacurau é resistência

    e acima de tudo, é brasileiro. é nosso. e que sorte o resto do mundo tem por ter esse filme voando por aí.

  • Midsommar



    "i wrote the movie when i was going through a breakup. i'm better now," ari aster during an early screening of the film

    for a very few people, it should be no surprise that ari aster decided to build a work of terror rich in flowers, horror and rituals after a rough breakup as an attempt to exorcise his personal demons, which he sucessfully managed to do. there are several things that aster's midsommar is about, one of which is…