Climax ★★★★½

a cold, snowy night marks the last day of rehearsal of a group of young dancers. everyone within that abandoned school building reunites for a long night of partying and dancing, after all, it's the last day of rehearsal, so why don't they celebrate? they party and chat and dance, but they also drink, drink and drink. too bad — there's something in the sangria. a hallucinating drug so strong that makes you feel everything intensely and garantees something similar to what comes after your last breath, but you're still awake and might wish you could just die. the atmosphere within that school building is now fulfilled by both madness and pleasure. some feel the beautiful breeze from the breathtaking gates of heaven, while others feel the most burning of flames from hell. as they dance out of ecstasy and scream out of despair, they come closer to reach their own climax — the most intense and exciting point of that freezing, unpleasant night. spontaneous fucking, violence, liberating screaming, sangria, collective hysteria, panic, a screaming color red and death. a delightful experience for some, a never-ending nightmare for others. it's pornographic, bizarre, hypnotic, surreal, and impossible to take your eyes off the screen. the dance is everything. birth and death are an extraordinary experience, and noé's climax was the most beautiful glimpse of hell through a psychedelic nightmare of drugs and dance i've ever seen.

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