Atonement ★★★★

My thoughts on Atonement: Rating 8/10
- this movie is genuinely emotionally devastating
- the movie starts off kinda slow and its so witty and cheeky then it just turns all the way left
- these performances are Oscar material. Everyone brought their A game
- some scenes were genuinely overwhelmingly powerful
- I love how it intertwines its timelines, characters, and stories together
- the cinematography here is 10/10
- some shots are genuinely art
- Keira Knightley is absolutely stunning
- the brutality of the war shots felt so raw and actually had meaning instead of violence for the sake of doing so, especially in the scene where the young frenchmen dies
- the score is absolutely spectacular, i loved the continuous pounding of the typewriter keys
- this movie is so beautiful yet so melancholy
- the ending actually destroyed me

Atonement took me by storm. I wasn't prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that this film is, at all. An absolutely remarkable film.