Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

I never thought the MCU would ever have a movie that was Watchmen and The Dark Knight level good and yet here we are. I'll give it a few days (so everyone can watch) before I dive into this movie and talk about why it's such a colossal cinematic achievement, but until I do that I'll just say this movie broke my heart, brought tears to my eyes, uplifted my spirit, and made me see comic book heroes in a way I never imagined seeing them on-screen. In Avengers Endgame our adored superheroes become the antithesis of their long built often half baked tropes in often mediocre origin stories and are more-so "superhuman" this time around. These characters have already had their biggest wins and their greatest losses, but this time our beloved heroes are giving it their all not for selfish reasons or a petty cause or even revenge but for everyone's sake - and that in essence is what it truly means to save the world. Endgame may be the end of an episodic saga but it will surely be the beginning of a new renaissance of superhero blockbusters.

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