BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

I can't help but be proud of the creation of such a sublime project such as this. In an industry where black cinema was never the blueprint of cinematic quality, films like these release and beg to differ. Aside from the sociological and political topics behind Blakkklansman, what really swept me away was the filmmaking put into it. This is probably because for me a lot of the issues this film touched on in terms of blackness I was already familiar with. Most will pay close attention to the message this film exploits and I believe that's extremely important especially if you actually begin to assess your own personal politics. But for me I didn't have that reaction to this, I couldn't help but focus on how nuanced the work this entire team put in is. Tonal shifts, innovative direction, powerful knockout performances, and swift camera work mended perfectly with the audaciois sound of Blakkklansman make it nothing short of an exemplary piece of black cinema. It's inspiring to say the least to be a young black person whose dream is to make it in a predominately white industry, and to see unapologetic and uncompromised black films like these. Spike Lee's spin on the historical piece subgenre manages to remain fresh and completely relevant. Blakkklansman is a fearless and ferocious film that documents the power of hatred and power when abused by authority. With films like these, the future of black cinema only continues to look more and more bright. I look forward to seeing what If Beale Street Could Talk and Widows pull off.

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