Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★★

A film hellbent on brutality and chaos even beyond psychological and physical destruction. Villeneuve's sci-fi epic sets up a world that puts our very own reality into question and asks big questions that I'm unsure we'll ever have the answers to. It's the perfect bridge between escapism and reality through symbolic mass consumerism, advertisements, sex workers, technology, and overt sexualization. Denis Villeneuve begs the question of what it means to be truly human but on a scale even more complex than before. When following a soulless individual (Officer K) Denis poses what happens when the soulless want a soul or begins to act as though they have a soul. It's a grand statement that goes far beyond the conventional idea of AI's portrayed onscreen. Even through the desolation and hopelessness of humanity, K still sees something beautiful and desirable in being human. Be it memories or being in love there's a beauty to the madness of being human, just as there's beauty in the bleak gloominess of the world of 2049. Even with its mind blowing visuals, pristine editing, state of the art art set pieces, astonishing direction, cyber punk high fashion, and droning synths - Blade Runner 2049 still offers a story that's just as intriguing as it is thought provoking. I've always been amazed and overwhelmed by that final shot. In sacrifice a replicant dies, but a new life begins. Denis Villeneuve's larger than life art spectacle remains just as mesmerizing and annihilating after one year of releasing. 2049 is easily one of the greatest cinematic achievements in history. This is a film that only some could dream of bringing to life.

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