Hereditary ★★★★½

I don't think I've ever watched a horror film and actually almost shed a tear because I was so terrified. I wanted this to end. In fact I actually hated I went to watch this. Diverging a bit for comparison - the recent sci-fi horror Annihilation had two scenes (1. the bear scene 2. The humanoid/alien scene) which I would say were so utterly terrifying I wanted to walk out from the level of discomfort and terror I felt. Annihilation was all around a horrifying experience probably the most horrific film of the year. Well guess what? Hereditary blows that out of the park. This is horror at its most visceral. I could barely breathe during the final act and my jaw was literally on the floor. The entire cast is amazing and does so well at capturing the intensity of this atmospheric horror powerhouse. Toni Collette is a thunderous onscreen force. The fact that we watched this at midnight didn't help at all even my friends were terrified and we couldn't sleep well. As I was watching I felt like I was being ripped apart and gutted from inside out. I could feel my stomach turning and my eyes widen in complete shock and utter terror. This film is so nerve wracking and dreadful that I could legitimately feel my levels of anxiety continuously increasing. Hereditary is a look into a nightmarish hell that I'm not even sure should be spoke of or seen. This is not for horror newbies, this is a horror film that longtime horror fans will adore. Hereditary is the next horror phenomenon and no one is prepared. You were warned.

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