Hereditary ★★★★½

I got to watch this for the 2nd time with my mother tonight. It's no shock that a few of my previous posts detail my mother quite a bit. We have a very interesting relationship. My mom's 56. She's shared stories with me about the bubbly escapades of the 70s disco era and the pandemonium of Michael Jackson releasing his iconic singles. I wish I could've been around then, my mom always says "those were simpler times we didn't have to worry about being shot up in school with an AR-15".

One thing that has always stuck with my mother is movies. Sure enough her love for movies rubbed off on me. My mom got to watch films like Jaws, Alien, The Shining, Halloween, Predator, Friday The 13th, and A Nightmare On Elm Street on release day. She's been watching horror films before I was even conceived. So taking her to go see this today was something I was so excited about. But I forgot that my mom also lost her best friend (her father) a few years ago and I somehow totally forgot that this film portrays the loss of a family member in an extremely raw way. I wasn't exactly sure how this film would effect her. My mom cried during the film because according to her this portrayal of grief and loss from the perspective of a mother was not only honest but cathartic. When we got in the car my mom turned on the light to check and see if someone was in the back of the car. That's how effective this film is. In the car as we were discussing the movie she says "that movie, that movie is for you guys what A Nightmare On Elm Street was for us."

A statement like the above is huge. But this film truly is a towering piece of horror cinema and I don't even know where to begin describing it. It's completely insane and devilishly sinister. This is a film that doesn't hold back at all, its aggressive and abrasive through and through. It very much has its moments of serenity but even in those moments they are merely the calm before the storm. Hereditary starts off pretty slow burn as it sets up the grotesque things to come but once all is revealed - all hell breaks loose. Watching Hereditary is what I imagine watching a person be burned alive or crucified is like. I feel as though Hereditary is something sent straight from the fiery depths of hell. Even after the film is finished the images just won't leave your head, it's like reliving your worst nightmare over and over. What's so fascinating about Hereditary is just how much this film achieves, which could make for an interesting film analysis. It's seriously remarkable just how intoxicating and horrifying this film is. Hereditary is a hypnotic journey through hell that will burn its nightmarish imagery into your brain and ripple straight through your body like piano wire.

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