Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé ★★★★

Less of an examination of Beyoncé herself and more of an introspective and idiosyncratic look behind the chaos and madness necessary in order to bring to life a cultural extravaganza unlike anything ever seen before. When Beyoncé brought her now coined 'Beychella' act to Coachella aka the festival plagued predominantly by rich elitist white influencers and youtubers donning their flower crowns and fanny packs, it was a moment that soon became a cultural movement (as is everything Beyoncé does). Not only was she the first black woman to headline Coachella but she brought black culture to an event that lacks it immensely. Beyoncé sat fiercely atop a pyramid of steel beams emulating an Egyptian pyramid and the bleachers of a college football stadium. A history of suffering, cracked bones, and spilled blood of black ancestors merged with celebration, dance, and "swag" on that very stage. The performance is a monumental showcase of Beyoncé at her most unapologetic, abrasive, and feminine. Doused in pain, confidence, style, sexuality, and a hint of glitter - Beyoncé made history and truly offered a progressively pro-black look into what is capable when you work yourself above and beyond. Homecoming is a transformative and spiritual look into the genius of Beyoncé as a powerful and determined black entertainer.

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