Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★

I wasn't really following this film at all to be quite honest. I saw one trailer for it before Black Panther in IMAX 3D but didn't think much of it. I thought "oh that looks kinda cool" and that was it. But I went to the Ready Player One exhibit here at SXSW and saw the line and thought..."yea we gotta watch this one". The line seemed like it never ended. People were dying to get into this movie, I almost thought I wasn't gonna make it in. But fortunately we managed to make it in. There were literally people dressed in costumes from the film on the side of the seats which I thought was really neat. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this film but the way it "sold itself" was quite different from any film I've seen at the fest so far. Steven Spielberg was in the building and kindly asked us to not to post any spoilers. It was such a wild experience and I've let the film linger and I can now express how I feel about this film.

Going off to another tangent, the first film I saw in theaters was Spiderman. May 3rd (my birthday) 2002 a day that would change the course of my life. My father took me in my Spiderman costume to have my first theater experience. At that young age I had no idea how to comprehend what I was feeling or experiencing, but I'm certain it was a feeling of wonder. I remember getting home and being amazed and re-enacting some scenes from the film. My parents even say to this day that experience changed me, I wanted nothing more than to watch movies. My undeniable craving for movies turned into adoration of the art into me wanting to become a director into me wanting to win an Oscar.

As I sat in Ready Player One yesterday, letting out my tears - I was that kid in my Spiderman costume all over again. I felt transported right back to that moment. All I could feel afterwards is joy. Ready Player One is why we go to the movies. This movie has got it all and Spielberg proves he's still got the magic in him. When you look at the trailer for this film what appears to be your typical big budget blockbuster is anything but. This is a film with heart, fine performances from its ensemble cast, amazing technical aspects, and a beautiful message for theatergoers. The visuals in this film are absolutely unbelievable. At times I'd look at the screen and just think "this can't be real". If you love visual eye candy, Ready Player One will knock your socks off. These action sequences are so big they feel larger than life. I loved this cast way too much. I actually cared about these characters and felt for them. Tye Sheridan, you bright glowing star. I couldn't be more proud of Tye Sheridan (a fellow Texan) for his work in this. As I type this now I even feel kinda overwhelmed just talking about this. Trust me this isn't without its flaws but for what Spielberg has created, I just can't help but be proud of this cinematic achievement. When I say "this is why we go to the movies" what I mean is, this film is an experience. An experience like no other, a larger than life experience. Sometimes I'd laugh, sometimes I was in awe, other times I had to wipe away the tears that rolled out of my eyes. But what Spielberg has created is an impeccably vivid and ridiculously bold force of sci-fi cinema. Ready Player One blew the entire theater away yesterday, and I hope you all appreciate what Spielberg has done and it blows you away too. Ready Player One is an entertaining and entrancing sci-fi masterpiece as much as it is an ode to those who love movies. As I sat in the theater feeling that same feeling I felt over 16 years ago, I couldn't help but close my eyes and smile. Thinking that maybe somewhere some kid might see Ready Player One and be inspired the way that I was with Spiderman.

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