Upgrade ★★★★

"A fake world is a lot less painful than the real one. All I needed was for his mind to break, and he broke it."

Upgrade is slowly climbing up on my list of 2018 films. Grotesque body horror, interesting sociology, high octane action sequences, visual grandeur, tongue in cheek dialogue, gorgeous set pieces, simmering tension, race-against-the-clock pacing, a marvelous performance from Logan Marshall-Green, and gruesome violence make Upgrade such a fascinating cinematic experience. Upgrade is like Ex Machina but far more twisted and grueling. It's a shame to see this film written off as "dumb" and "bad" because of micro issues present in the film. To me many of the takes I've read are just bad criticism. I get if this isn't your cup of tea we all have opinions/tastes, but justifying your disdain in half assed nitpicking isn't proper criticism. Nonetheless I believe Upgrade is a fantastic film in so many areas, marking an extremely cynical entry in the world of cyber punk sci-fi. That ending (peep my profile pic) is an ending that will stick with me for years.

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