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  • Wild River

    Wild River


    I guess I will never understand what people love about this. Jo Van Fleet is forced to play someone stereotypical in all the ways you most expect. Montgomery Clift is more dull than he is mannered. It looks good but the vaunted maturity of Hollywood in movies like this delivers little for me. I prefer being adolescent or going crazy. Like in East of Eden or A Streetcar Named Desire.

  • Coogan's Bluff

    Coogan's Bluff


    I was entertained. Coogan is one of the coolest cops ever for the first half then you realize not only is he a terrible human being, he is also an incompetent idiot.

    What do squares think the freaks listen to? Songs titled "Pigeon Toed Orange Peel." So so so scary what drugs have done to young minds!

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    I feel the reviews here miss the point. This is an intentionally de-romanticized view of the sixties that was made during the time it is portraying. There is no nostalgia in this telling. The people are not pleasant. They are lost like many hippies were. So the movie is depressing and sad like life sometimes is for some people. You can be lost and never found again. You can lose yourself. The Pink Floyd score is great and the cinematography is by an all time cinematic genius: Nestor Almendros.

  • 20th Century Women

    20th Century Women


    Almost nobody reads my lists or reviews. So why do I write them?

    My guess (uncertain just like everything) is it's a process of self-definition (or self-creation?). By delineating what I like I say something about what I am.

    I think in this sense, guilty pleasures are more revealing than great films we love. The flaws we overlook show us more nakedly. I have no shame when I say that Chungking Express and Together are two of my favorite movies…