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  • This One's for the Ladies

    This One's for the Ladies


    Again I skipped through a lot of this, but I definitely felt I was glimpsing a world I had never visited before. The subjects allow each other their pleasures without judgment. It's live and let live. And the climax somehow becomes emotionally affecting.

  • Freedom Summer

    Freedom Summer

    This is like being in school listening to a presentation in the assembly hall.

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    I feel the reviews here miss the point. This is an intentionally de-romanticized view of the sixties that was made during the time it is portraying. There is no nostalgia in this telling. The people are not pleasant. They are lost like many hippies were. So the movie is depressing and sad like life sometimes is for some people. You can be lost and never found again. You can lose yourself. The Pink Floyd score is great and the cinematography is by an all time cinematic genius: Nestor Almendros.

  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk

    Flattening your characters into stereotypes because you are well-intentioned is actually dehumanizing.

    Tish is conceived so one-dimensionally she seems stupid.

    Fonny is like a symbol rather than a character. What makes him an artist? We are given zero insight. Rather we are given shots of his cigarette smoke wafting. What is an artist in this conception? A pose. Something you wear to seem deep.

    There are brief scenes that work. When Fonny's friend launches a long monologue about prison and…