As You Are ★★★½

This was an unexpected little gem for me. I had been meaning to check it out ever since I read about it being well received at Sundance (it received the Special Jury Prize). But I’ll be honest, the plot was only mildly intriguing for me.

Having just recently watched and enjoyed “Super Dark Times”, I discovered this movie has the same lead actor, Owen Campbell, who is a star on the rise if I’ve ever seen one. His involvement is what sold me on finally watching it. In both films he gives such a natural performance it doesn’t even feel like acting. And “Stranger Things’” Charlie Heaton also shows a few chops of his own. 

But what really made this film stand out to me was the relationship between the two characters. I fully expected there to be a love triangle scenario between them and Sarah, a girl they go to school with. What I didn’t expect was for it to be a queer-inclusive one. I was positively giddy at the film’s willingness to go there. To make the common “love triangle” an *actual* triangle, rather than the heteronormative arrow (^) they usually are. All the dots are connected here, and it adds such a refreshing new dynamic. 

On top of that, it’s pretty engaging too. All of the other plot elements are nothing groundbreaking but the filmmaking caught my eye. It’s a well performed little mystery and I’d definitely recommend it.

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