Digging for Fire

Digging for Fire ★★★

Joe Swanberg's films are almost always aimless little things that highlight moments and feelings over plot, and I almost always love them. While I had a fair share of problems with his last effort, "Happy Christmas", I got some enjoyment out of this one.

It's a tale about marriage and keeping things from going stale, but minus the melodrama and theatrics a studio would have injected it with. It's so understated you almost don't even realize that's what it's about.

While I like his style -- writing an outline and having a chat with the actors, and then rolling the camera and letting them do their thing -- I think he sometimes gets a little lost in the structure-less nature of his work (ahem, "Happy Christmas"). The middle portion of this one in particular suffers from that a little bit. But the rest is watching enjoyable actors having a weird little adventure and I did kinda dig it (sorry).

For my money though, "Drinking Buddies" is by far the high point in his filmography.

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