Marriage Story ★★★★½

What I love about Adam Driver

The way he enunciates words in the weirdest way but makes it sound good. The way he thinks before he speaks. The way his voice changed in the most recognizable way when he started crying in that fight scene. The way he said "bless you" when the guy next to him sneezed in the courtroom. The way he called Henry "honey." The way he broke my heart. And the way he's gonna make me watch the Oscars again after I swore off of them last year.
Scarlett, however, isn't quite deserving of the praise she's getting, in my opinion. There's usually a particular shade of self-awareness to her performances that I find incredibly distracting, and it's present here more often than not :( but she has a few brief moments.

As far as the film itself; the Randy Newman score really makes it feel straight out of the 90s, but in a good way? I was honestly shocked how much it made me yearn for more scores like it today. It was just so nice. It does admittedly toe the line of sentimentality (some could definitely argue it crosses it) but it worked for me.

Adam Driver gutted me.

Laura Dern is fucking hot.

And that goddamn social worker is a comedic genius.

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