Other People ★★★★

As a gay man who moved from a small town to a bigger city, I can attest to the painful accuracy of so many details found in "Other People."

I groaned out loud when all his relatives kept calling him a "big city boy," was in hysterics when they were eating at Applebee's (already so accurate) and the dad said "bet they don't have fries this good in the big city," and don't get me started on "Drops of Jupiter."

All these little details already elevated this movie for me, but then you add a poignantly average depiction of gay life (complete with embarrassingly realistic sex scene), a sweetly affecting performance by Jesse Plemons, and a heartbreaking turn from Molly Shannon, and it becomes an unexpected delight of a movie.

I can't remember the last time I've identified so intensely with a character in so many ways, and this movie is a special little gem that I fully plan on adding to my blu ray collection in the future.

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