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  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    When you think of it just for a second, it is quite the feat for Marvel to have kept this mega franchise skipping along the way they have. Multiple characters, intersecting plots, the sheer difficulty of keeping those comic book aficionados happy. I'm no super fan but even I've seen almost every film to date and I still look forward to them, even now. They're good, fun, big screen entertainments. Why not? If nothing else, we need a film to…

  • Damage



    Juliette Binoche is so blank in this she gives out practically nothing. And Louis Malle somehow manages to make her kind of unsexy. Remarkable. This is Juliette Binoche we're talking about here. But then, this is not a particularly erotic movie, it's a movie about need and desire but not about sex and certainly not about romance.

    Sometimes it feels like an outsiders view of London - there was a sense of distance and, sometimes, of cliché. It is also…

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  • Persona



    Oh my. This film is something else.

    You watch some movies and you feel them to be so wilfully oblique, so purposefully obscure, that you lose interest. Something like Upstream Colour would fit into this category, for me.

    Persona, in comparison, is superficially straightforward but also seems to contain a multitude of possible interpretations and of scenes that disturb the mind and the intellect. It is also intensely beautiful. I can't imagine not pondering and returning to Persona many times.…

  • Wild Strawberries

    Wild Strawberries


    This was a film that really crept up on me and I found myself unexpectedly moved by the end. It was unexpected because up to this point I was thinking the film wasn't having the impact of The Seventh Seal: that it was a far softer, less rigorous piece of work. For me, what is so magnificent about Wild Strawberries is its cumulative affect. It is a strikingly intelligent film in the way in which it layers it's meanings for…