The Little Shop of Horrors ★★★

I vaguely thought that Little Shop Of Horrors started as a Broadway musical before the subsequent making of the Rick Moranis film in the 80s. In fact it all started with this little Roger Corman flick from 1960, a B movie filmed over 2 days in the true Corman style.

If it is a horror-comedy, it's charms are very much with the comic. (The plant is not terribly scary!) You may wonder at the gags aimed at the shop keeper's ethnicity but it seemed innocent enough to me. And it is sharply written enough, as well as being winningly played by the main actors, to suck in its audience over the short run time.

It is broad but with wit, slapstick is married to verbal jousting and a side note of caricature. It does seem to suggest that vagrants and hookers are morally akin to criminals and would-be murderers, which is a strange lesson to draw. But it would be folly to take a film about a man eating plant that cries "Feed Me" in a basso profundo voice too seriously.

It is also notable for having a very early Jack Nicholson performance as a masochist visiting the dentist. An amusing cameo and Jack is very much already fully himself in it.

Diverting fun.