Over the Moon ★★★★

Love the fact that this has the feel of a 90s Disney movie without it being a 90s Disney movie...even without the typical "happily ever after." I think it's more so due to how it treats loneliness, mourning, and moving on very well for children and adults alike. On top of that, we still have some typical tropes that aren't too badly done; I am grateful that at least the comedy relief has some development besides his jokes (which are still cute for kids). Great singing from the actors who really made it more like a classic Disney musical production than...most of the recent Disney movies that have been released in the last decade. Not a song feels out of place or unnecessary in the film.

Also, this movie has Glen Keane's hands all over it, so when I saw he was the director, I knew I had to watch it. I absolutely love the traditional hand drawn touches of the storytelling Ma Ma gives to Fei Fei (& the audience) about Chang'e & Houyi so much, giving that classic Glen Keane animation.

On that note, I didn't expect to cry while watching this film (& I rarely do that), but it was well worth the watch.